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Chuck here! This is my science corner blog.

I want to share some of my musings and discoveries that I am encountering in various fields of science. Here is one example of my thought about how to make science cool at school.

Science and mathematics are not cool topics, state students. Around the world, the STEM topics (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) are in severe difficulty in tertiary and secondary organizations. Read More.

Well, now here are some of my favorite videos.

On Biology

DNA Structure and Replication: Crash Course Biology #10

On Chemistry

The Nucleus: Crash Course Chemistry #1

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Computer Science

PhyX of the a video game is one of the best example of the science and entertainment’s fusion. Understanding Physics and other scientific elements make a video game more reality and thus makes it more enjoyable for players. This is true with sports video game titles such NBA 2k15 and FIFA 15. When a developer of a video game designs the movements of players in the game it is impossible to do this without understanding core elements of physics.  Certain laws needs to be applied such as gravitational force and law of motions. With regards to this, nothing beats a well polished sport video game that certainly makes sense for the players.

On the other hand,  mathematics also collide with entertainment with the use of bots and analytical programs for computer games. Say for example the recent FIFA 15 Ultimate Team autobuyer and autobidder that makes trading for yourself in the game FIFA 15. The analysis of a given data makes everything polished and  will help the player succeed.


Fashion and Chemisty

More and more celebrities and enthusiasts and going for organic makeup such as the products from Poise Make Up Professional. Fashion is not only for vanity. More and more researchers are incorporating their research into makeup technology. As discussed, numerous of the old makeups that you ‘d have put on in the past have a heavy reliance of on chemicals, and as we’ve understood from research studies for many years, not each one of the chemicals being utilized in the market are going to do you a great deal of great; natural ones, on the other hand, are going to have advantages due to the fact that they included compounds that are understood to be helpful for the wellness of your skin.

To begin with, natural makeup has the tendency to be much lighter than the chemical makeups of old. This brand-new lightness indicates that it can be made use of in far subtler means than the makeup you ‘d have been utilizing simply a couple of years back, and this nuance implies that you can accomplish tones and tones that are going to be much more in keeping with your body’s own natural tones and toning. Know more.